Research Solutions
Business-to-Business (B2B)
In addition to В2С studies Business Analytica also runs В2В surveys where respondents are key decision makers for goods and services for the business use.

B2B research aims at obtaining data on the enterprise business activities, its suppliers and customers. The research could be targeted at uncovering the market potential for a given product or service. In this case respondents who are market experts evaluate the studied product, identify its advantages and limitations and discuss its possible usage.

The Agency could run a customer satisfaction and loyalty survey for enterprises which are customers of a B2B goods or services business.

The studies could be structured in line with the enterprise size (small, medium or large), distribution according to the state statistics, industry type, geographical regions or federal districts. On top of that, Business Analytica often executes surveys using the databases provided by the client.

The following data gathering methods are used:

  • Telephone surveys – this format is recommended for interviews scheduled to take up to 10-15 minutes at most;
  • Face-to-face interviews with a prior appointment to emphasize the respondent’s high status and achieve his undivided attention to the research subject matter; moreover, F2F interviews are usually thorough and more detailed;
  • On-line surveys are used in the event the Agency has an e-mail addresses database to run a direct mailing with an invitation to participate in a survey and a link to the questionnaire.

Research goals and objectives as well as the respondents’ level in a management hierarchy and the nature of data the Agency is required to gather all dictate the method of collecting the information.