Research Solutions
Brand Vision® Tracking Study
It is vital to monitor a brand in a competitive environment throughout its life cycle.

Continuous brand monitoring in changing competitive environment enables efficient marketing planning and updates.

Developed in 2002 on the basis on NFO scientific-research techniques Business Analytica branded instrument meets the following objectives:
  • Marketing communications (ATL, BTL) tracking and efficiency evaluation. 360 degree survey is at the basis of marketing communication evaluation enabling the Agency to evaluate a type of the client’s communication including creative design and media components. This approach helps the Agency clients to assess the contribution of different media channels and their efficiency, to examine the potential for restarts of the ongoing advertising campaigns, to reveal their strengths and weaknesses to ensure even greater efficiency for the new campaigns.
  • Brand “health” tracking and evaluation in a competitive environment. A number of indicators assist the Agency clients to gauge the efficiency of new brand launches as well competitive strengths for the already existing brands in relation to brand awareness, brand attitude and consumers’ activities with respect to studied products or services. A thorough system of benchmarks and indicators allows the clients to uncover target audience interaction problem areas as well as possible solutions. It helps to identify problems related to poor brand awareness build upon secondary criteria largely irrelevant for the consumer, as well as problems with weak product/service trial, low loyalty levels, brand cannibalization, increased switching to competitive brands, and the like.
  • Brand positioning tracking and evaluation in a competitive environment along key brand loyalty funnel. This study helps to reveal brand weaknesses and slower conversion rate from an earlier stage to a next one in a pyramid.
  • Tracking and evaluating brand’s image profile across emotional, functional and categorical attributes vs. competition, matching image profile to the target audience expectations. This unique study helps to reveal the brand basics which need to be supported rather than heavily promoted along with significant brand drivers which can either quickly attract additional customers or strengthen brand loyalty.
  • Tracking and evaluating category changes in relation to purchasing habits, usage and consumption patterns to reflect the macroeconomic changes.
In addition to unique indicator system Brand Vision System provides Business Analytica clients with:
  • Licensed software with the optimal number of licenses. It enables BA clients to individually analyze the brand situation on a regular basis in both tabular and chart format along with integrating own data (retail audit data, own sales reports, other statistical data, etc.) to calculate return on investment.
  • Category and cross-category benchmarks available from 2002 with a total of over 500,000 interviews enable BA to run comparative marketing communication efficiency studies and conduct cross-category studies along with selected industry research.
  • BA expert analytical support: upon request BA professionals can prepare mini-presentations with value-added analysis.
  • Client work-shops in addition to standard presentations which help to elaborate strategic recommendations for the studied brand future development.
  • Recommendations on the studied brand follow-up development and promotion.
  • Regular instrument update and “working” hypotheses testing at the earliest possibility. The clients are provided with updated analytical data in the last decade of the month after the month when the data was gathered.
  • Summary report. Once historical data has been accumulated the Agency prepares a summary report with ad learnings for the studied category on the basis of the collected data. The analysis helps to uncover the elements of creative design, media strategy, communication technical parameters which mostly impact advertising efficiency.
Brand Vision System methodology enables the Agency to run studies for both easy-to-reach audiences and highly competitive markets (studies are carried out continuously throughout the year), as well as for the markets with low competition and niche target groups (regular wave studies scheduled around specific business activities within the year).

Brand Vision System study is available by means of:
  • In-home face-to-face interview. Both Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) and Pen & Paper Personal Interviews (PAPI) are possible. This technique is used for a detailed analysis of advertising communications and brand “health” with prompts (brand images, story boards, etc.).
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI). This technique is used for well-established markets when consumers know the brands inside out. The research objective is to study brand “health” in respect to loyalty and brand satisfaction, meanwhile brand communication strategy is either ignored or evaluated along a few basic indicators.
  • Computer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI). This technique is used for specialized markets dealing with internet services, specific target groups or tactical continuous advertising material testing when representative samples are not required.
Other Business Analytica brand trackers include:
  • PR Vision System - a regular PR efficiency tracking, industry key events tracking, recommendations on news hooks to meet the client’s needs.
  • Loyalty Vision System - a regular tracking of the client’s loyalty and customer satisfaction efforts. Identification of effective and non-effective points of contact with the target audience, loyalty increase recommendations.
  • Price Vision System - a regular tracking of price perception, target audience response to price promotions, determination of an optimal price range for a product with a set of pre-defined features, brand image adjustment to meet the target audience price expectations.