Research Solutions
BA Volumetriх®
BA Volumetriх® - is a unique proprietary technique developed by Business Analytica equipping the Agency to come up with an accurate estimate for a refreshed product potential based on consumer preference studies and precise calculations.

BA Volumetriх® is a reliable forecasting technique for a product (brand/SKU) potential allowing the Agency to select the product (product concept, product packaging, etc.) with the biggest potential, to estimate anticipated volume and value sales, to identify the best pricing, forecast market share the product could claim depending on its distribution levels and structure. In addition BA Volumetriх® helps to simulate potential cannibalization for the own product portfolio and the source of business from the competitors’ range of products for the studied SKU.

The Agency offers BA Volumetriх® for the following:

  • New product launch for a product with no comparable competitors
  • New brand (concept) launch in a competitive environment
  • New product type (variety or flavour) launch within the existing product line
  • New packaging for an existing product or a new concept launch.

The following data is used for the calculation and the forecast:

  • Trade studies data (reliable retail audit data would be ideal). This data enables the Agency to provide a proper sample design, accurate forecasting for a given distribution level taking into account seasonality, geographical and population strata, etc.
  • BABB® benchmark database. The existing database allows to estimate discount factors in view of a given category by correlating brand awareness and consumption with the declared purchase volume and consumption level.

Recommended research format:

  • In-home or in-hall
  • A minimum of 150 interviews per cluster (cluster = 1 concept, 1 packaging, 1 city, etc.)
  • Million-plus cities (Strata A, 1 – 2 cities), plus 1 city for B and/or C stratum (i.e. cities ranging from half a million or from 100 thousand inhabitants)
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Up to 20 or 45 minute interview.
ВАВВ® benchmark base – is a single database of all product test studies BA has carried out since 1999. The database containing benchmarks across various stimuli: concepts, packaging, branded products vs. generics, etc. allows to draw benchmark parameters across various categories (type of study, consumer group, city, brand, test type, etc.).