Research Solutions
Satisfaction and Loyalty Study
Services companies use customer satisfaction studies to gauge the extent to which consumers of their products or services are satisfied. Depending of the user satisfaction and as a result the user loyalty the company can determine whether its customers are satisfied with the service and product quality, their brand loyalty and likelihood they would recommend the company to friends, etc.

Business Analytica uses quantitative marketing research methods to measure satisfaction and loyalty (customer study). This could be a regular (on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis) measurement, a one-off measurement or a block of questions within a U&A study.

Customers with different profiles (varying in volume and frequency of use), except for those who reject the brand are included into the survey.

The questionnaire includes the overall quality satisfaction questions as well as specific questions relating to the various aspects of the provided service which have an impact on the overall customer satisfaction. The study helps to identify the importance of various parameters for the customers and their respective satisfaction levels. Regression analysis and analysis of means help to identify the relative importance of a given parameter against its declared importance.

The study using the consumer conversion rate at a given service level can create a satisfaction and loyalty pyramid and calculates the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

Upon request the Agency could integrate a block of loyalty questions according to NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Regular satisfaction and loyalty studies help to map dynamic indices and could include the main company KPIs (first of all, for the marketing, sales and service teams).