Research Solutions
Employees’ Surveys
Customers run various employees’ opinion surveys to gauge employee satisfaction levels and evaluate various aspects of corporate culture and internal policies, namely:

  • The employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • The company’s psychological environment
  • The overall satisfaction levels
  • The employees’ involvement
  • The attitude to corporate culture
  • The attitude to change
  • Corporate image survey, etc.

In addition to employee surveys the Agency could assess the level of interdepartmental cooperation; monitor change implementation to capture areas of tension, gather employee feedback for a particular event.

It is crucial to bear in mind that the objective of any employee survey is not to identify individual dissatisfied trouble-makers. The survey aims at diagnosing the corporate climate, thus the data is processed as a single database but the recommendations are provided at a working group or business unit level.

Corporate e-mail qualitative questionnaire is the most appropriate survey format. Moreover, employees are well accustomed to this particular format and find it convenient. Business Analytica field staff can reach employees who do not have dedicated PCs/ e-mails by standard PAPI (paper and pencil interview, “paper questionnaire”).