Research Solutions
Product, Pack, Sniff, Concept Testing
When launching a new product/brand, or a new product/brand modification (for example in case of a product line extension, a new flavour or a packaging update, etc.) it is feasible to test the new product against competitors or to test it against a range of products within a given product line.

Entering a market with a new product / brand or its modification (such as a lineup extension, a new flavor, new packaging, etc.) normally requires performing a set of tests on this new product or package in order to compare it to competitors or with other products in the lineup.

There are the following types of tests: product tests (mostly for grocery items) and shopper tests shopper tests (for all kinds of consumer products).

The testing will help to identify the product perception, its viability, readiness for purchase and the cannibalization effect it might have of the manufacturer’s portfolio. It will also help to reveal the source of business, i.e. competitive brand/product the tested product is going to cannibalize, etc.

Depending on the task tests could cover all elements of the marketing mix or selected elements like flavour, packaging, price, concept, advertising. In real market environment no product exists on its own thus when required the Agency could simulate real “purchase scenario” by creating a real or simulated “store shelf”.

Business Analytica has built up a unique expertise in running product tests for both specific product attributes and the total of the marketing mix. The results for all the tests the Agency has carried out since 1999 are stored in a single database (Business Analytica Benchmarks Database - BABB®), enabling the Agency to process the relevant data for various tests together by drawing the benchmark parameters across different categories and subcategories.

The Agency offers a massive range of product tests:

  • In-home/home usage (type of research where respondents are given a product to use in their homes as they normally would). This test could be used in the event when an extended product experience is required, for instance when testing skin care products, personal hygiene products, or tasting a client’s recipe for a family meal, etc.,
  • In-hall (type of research where respondents engage and react to a product in controlled environment at prepared premises/central location, or in a mock-up store ). This test could be used when a meal/dish/product is prepared by a chef or in the event a special environment is required for the test (temperature, air ventilation, etc.). Business Analytica has its own fully equipped kitchen facilities to prepare and preserve the food refrigerated for research purposes.
  • On-line testing - is recommended when testing visual images (advertising concepts, packaging), as well as modeling a store space (for a shop, supermarket, shelf).

Questioning for in-home and in-hall tests are run using CAPI providing the Agency with an opportunity to carry out these studies simultaneously at most large cities across the Russian Federation.

Comprehensive research which encompasses product concept testing, packaging testing, proposed pricing SKU pricing and, upon request, consumer product features could be extended by BA Volumetrix®, enabling the Agency to provide a sales forecast for a product (concept, packaging) with the biggest potential.