Career with Us
Business Analytica is a team of highly professional experts in all areas of market studies. We are always open for collaborating with the talented specialists having a passion for marketing research and wishing to continue building up their careers with us.

Business Analytica mission

BA offers a range of full-cycle highly professional services and solutions with an efficient data gathering and processing mechanism fully suited to the local environment along with professional market research consulting.

The Agency objective is to be a leading market research agency with state-of-the-art research products; to provide quality data support to our clients empowering them to make strategic decisions across a range of industries.

Business Analytica is a team of passionate professional researchers and consultants. We at Business Analytica always value talented and ambitious professionals, striving for personal and professional growth.

We see our human resources as our main capital. Business Analytica Moscow head office employs over 20 of highly qualified specialists. Our friendly and close-kit team has been the foundation of prosperity for our clients and our business for over 30 years.

We offer to our employees:
  • “Intellectual boutique” workplace;
  • Ability to become a recognized expert for major international and local customers;
  • Support of internationally recognized research expert professionals with years of industry experience;
  • An option to grow to a more advanced financial, communication and intellectual level;
  • An opportunity to grow and develop own talents and skills.
Our highly professional team enables us to market highly efficient business solutions. The Agency has formed a creative and relaxed environment which encourages personal, professional and career growth.

You are welcome to join our team if you are talented and proactive and if you have a passion for research business. You will have a chance to grow professionally and grow our clients’ business.