BA Technological Resources
Business Analytica adaptive technological data gathering and processing infrastructure which has been built over the years includes the following elements:

  • Own pool of highly productive HP servers and a data-center platform;
  • HQ with 200 PC strong computer network and mobile data gathering terminals and remote workstations (3G and Internet) across the Russian Federation and Ukraine;
  • Business Intelligence (BI) experience and expertise in research data handling and reporting from the leading international companies: MS AS, RadarCube, E-Tabs, etc.;
  • Industrial visualization tools and cloud computing;
  • Proprietary Survey Designer with a single database which supports most of survey techniques;
  • A single database with web- and win- interface for both on-line and off-line surveys, data synchronization, punching with dynamic reporting option and embedded intelligence for setting sampling quotas;
  • Proprietary automated field data processing know-how in multimedia and GIS formats;
  • Efficient electronic document flow between interviewers (for instance, mystery shoppers), supervisors,project managers and clients to receive and process the gathered data including approvals, status updates, notifications, comments and feedback.
Business Analytica has implemented a state of the art technical platform enabling the Agency’s field staff to collect data using all technical formats, including CATI, CAPI and CAWI. CATI resources:
  • Up to 50 professional operators per shift for incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Up to 10 parallel projects in the 7/24 mode;
  • Management of projects of any complexity regardless of the distance and across various economic models;
  • Extensive use of remote testing and training procedures for interviewers.
Business Analytica CAPI resources for focus groups and hall-tests, or central location tests:
  • Up to 5 venues in Moscow and up to 20 venues in most large cities across Russia;
  • Facilities equipped with computers and projectors; fully equipped kitchens with refrigerators and supervisor staff;
  • Password-protected access to web-broadcasting and survey video streaming;
  • Gesell chambers with one way mirrors for focus groups with a separate observation room for the client’s representatives;
  • Focus room facilities fully equipped with video and audio recording equipment to capture group discussion and supply high-resolution takes for the client to review.
  • Business Analytica CAWI resources ensure:
    • Up to 50,000 daily telecommunication contacts;
    • Efficient co-operation with Russia’s leading on-line panel providers.
    Business Analytica conducts combined projects with a high degree of integration across various channels: F2F, Call Center, SMS, Bluetooth, Chat, etc.