Research Methods
On-line Methods
This technique is used when members of the target audience are active internet users who love to share their opinion both off-line and on-line.

The limitation factor is poor broad-band internet penetration in some regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

BA offers the following range of qualitative on-line methods:

  • On-line focus group. The study is conducted by means of chat in a real time format. This is a virtual equivalent of a standard focus group. On-line focus group members register at a password protected web-site and participate in a moderated discussion for 1.5-2 hours.
  • Internet-forum / Bulletin board. This on-line technique does not have an off-line equivalent. Moderator and respondents communicate at a password-protected forum with respondents having 1-3 days to answer the questions at their convenience. This is the best technique when detailed and well thought-out answers are required as opposed to spontaneous reaction to the exhibited stimuli.