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Detailed target audience description. Please provide secondary data in a table format where possible (R-TGI, M Index, or any other prior research)

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Research description

Research objective (what problems the research will resolve)
Research tasks (what special tasks the research will resolve)
What decisions will be made on the basis of the carried research
Existing hypothesis which need to be proved/disproved during the research
Geographical coverage (regions / cities)

Research method / data collection methods (if available)

Qualitative research

Quantitative research

Sample size
Is it required to consider each region / city separately and cross compare the results?

Additional comments

Timing for the research proposal (standard timing is 3 working days)
Project team briefing, in-company briefing
Requirement for a simultaneous translation
Requirement for pilot interviews
Client project visits (what project stages?)
Required travelling assistance (visa support, hotel accommodation, transport, etc.)
Research timing (research data required by which date)
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Prior research on this topic and its availability to Business Analytica if needed
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