Research Methods
In-depth Interview
An in-depth interview is a qualitative data collection tool with a face-to-face discussion between a moderator and a respondent.

In-depth interviews are useful when you need detailed information about a person’s deep motivation, his beliefs and existing stereotypes. It is recommended to use this technique when discussing sensitive issues the person would be uncomfortable discussing in front of a big group and would give no answers (for instance, personal hygiene/ medication, etc.), or when the subject relates to his business interests.

This study could be carried either at Gesell chamber (one-way mirror room) or at any other place at respondent’s convenience: café, office, home. The discussion is taped and/or video recorded. The discussion is conducted in line with a client pre-approved script.

Business Analytica offers a range of in-depths interviews:

  • Standard interview with one respondent. This technique is used for a majority of research tasks when researchers need to gather detailed data on the consumer behavior and attitude towards studied products and brands.
  • Expert or B2B interviews with professionals from the market field for the studied goods or services. This technique is used to study an independent expert’s opinion which in many cases is the only way to collect data about goods catering for corporate customers.
  • Triple or double interviews. This is a compromise technique to study several opinions when a focus group is not possible. The study allows to have an opinion interaction between respondents and to gather detailed answers from each participant.
  • Peer or friendly triple or double interviews. This is a technique where all respondents know each other well and feel more relaxed. The study usually delivers more interesting results.