Research Methods
In-home Visit
In-home visit is a research method in which researchers visit respondents' homes and interview them in their real-life environment, i.e. a type of “ethnographic” research.

Business Analytica offers a range of techniques with an “ethnographic component” enabling our clients to study the target audience life style or to monitor the use of studied products/goods in real-life environment, etc.

Types of in-home visits conducted by Business Analytica:

  • Standard in-home visit. Researchers come to talk and observe respondents’ behaviour in real-time environment. Usually runs from 1 to 1.5 hour.
  • A “theme” in-home visit. Researchers observe respondents in action: cooking a meal/ cleaning the apartment / doing self-care, etc.
  • A day with a consumer. Researchers follow respondents’ every step throughout the day, observing their behavior and taking notes of any interesting facts and making conclusions.
  • In-home visit – a tour. Researchers follow respondents’ typical route. This technique is used when we need to study a life pattern for a niche social group.
  • Assisted shopping. Researchers go shopping followed by consumers. This technique (open or discreet observation) gives researchers a unique opportunity to watch consumer behaviour in a real store environment instead of relying on the diaries consumers have filled in after the shopping.
  • Joint parties or events. This technique helps the researcher to collect extended data both on the respondent and his reference group (friends, colleagues), to experience the emotions they feel, and to observe respondents in a real-life environment.
  • Going out. Going to the cinema, restaurant, club or other venues with members of the target audience to observe their spontaneous reactions.
  • Adopted Family / Let us adopt a respondent’s family! This is a pure ethnographic study as the research continues for a period of at least 6 months.