About Us
Formed in 1992 Business Analytica is one of the leading market research companies in Russia and the CIS.

The Agency has over 20 years of proven experience in providing reliable and trustworthy marketing solutions for our numerous customers which include major multinational and local FMCG and services companies.

Our portfolio includes various thorough and elaborate quantitative and qualitative brand and advertising research tools. We top our research expertise with consulting services by assisting our clients and their advertising agencies to develop efficient marketing solutions and strategies.

Working over the years with leading manufacturers we have developed an extensive benchmark base the Agency could refer to for a more detailed brand attributes qualitative study.

The core of Business Analytica philosophy is the highest quality standards to deliver customer satisfaction. The wide range of up-to-date research approaches and methods coupled with own proprietary techniques and highly professional staff with experts in marketing, economics, statistics, sociology, psychology allow the Agency to meet our customers’ needs by offering a comprehensive range of marketing solutions.

Business Analytica does not specialize in any single industry research. The Agency has built up a significant expertise in confectionary and alcoholic beverages, telecommunications and financial services, automobiles and household appliances, clothing and public catering and many other industries.

Field, intellectual and technical resources enable Business Analytica to handle research work of any scale and complexity. The Agency’s Moscow office has its own CATI and fully equipped focus groups facilities, as well as specialized venues for large-scale respondents’ surveys. Business Analytica has developed strong business ties with third party suppliers across the Russian Federation and the CIS. Business Analytica Ukraine, the Agency subsidiary in Ukraine, undertakes extensive research projects in the region.

The Agency management are members of ESOMAR. In 2003 Business Analytica teamed up with other Russia’s leading research agencies to set up the Russian Association for Market and Opinion Research non-profit Partnership (OIROM).